• Order and select your pickup location

    During checkout select your pickup location according to your concert ticket.

    Please be aware that's it is not possible to acces the Floor Merchandise Stand with seated tickets or the other way around.

  • Use the fast lane for Click & Collect

    Go to your selected pickup location. At every pickup location there's a dedicated fast lane available for click & collect.

  • Show us your pickup confirmation e-mail

    To collect your merchandise show us your pickup confirmation e-mail with QR Code. That's it!

Ziggo Dome Pickup Locations

Outside Merchandise Stand (12pm - 6pm)

Floor Merchandise Stand (standing tickets)

Ring South Merchandise Stand (seated tickets)

Ring North Merchandise stand (seated tickets)

More Information

When can I collect my merchandise?

Depending on your pickup location you can collect your order before doors (outside stand) and after doors (inside). For the inside pickup locations it's possible to collect your order after the show.

I didn't receive a confirmation email with QR code. What now?

It's possible that the confirmation e-mail doesn't load correctly, especially in a crowded area. You can try opening the e-mail again. Or if this doesn't work you can still collect your order by showing us your name or order number.

What happens if you forget to collect your order?

If you placed a click & collect order and you were unable to collect it, we will return the items and give you a refund. Unfortunately it's not possible to deliver the items to your home address.

Is there more merchandise available at the merchandise stand?

Yes. Click & Collect offers a fast and easy way to buy merchandise, but in order to do this we can't offer the whole range of items and sizes we have available at our regular merchandise stand.